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T.I. Ft Rapsody – Care To Say About It

T.I. Care To Say About It
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T.I. Care To Say About It

“Care To Say About It” is a new track from the Rapture soundtrack, but it’s definitely album-quality material. The hookless track is made up of two thrilling verses from T.I. and Rapsody, who have enough chemistry that its a crime they haven’t worked together more often. In Tip’s verse, he explains how life gets no less complicated once he made it to bigger things: Smoking weed trappin’ standing under the lamp post / For real all a n***a ever done / Was come up on a bag turn around and get another one / Then how I came up on a bunch of money / And a bunch of motherfuckers tryna find a way to get it from me.” Rapsody also reflects on her humble beginnings in her verse, rapping, And my old whip, that old shit, the 95 / I use to 9 to 5 with back in 99 / I had a real job fool I could legally drive / Return pushin’ a kickass ride / Bustin’ rhymes, I bust around, bustin’ 9s / Y’all doin’ that y’all is wild / Tell ya child they ain’t gotta walk or run the mile / We ran the course so y’all can stop.” Here’s hoping we get more from these two in the future.

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Quotable Lyrics:
Care bout love, care bout God
Carry the cross don’t get carried away
Over character flaws
Motherfuckers they don’t care bout us
Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Mike Tyson
I punch ‘em out
Motherfucker what happened here
TIP, RAP kill it
Motherfucker back
How the fuck you feelin’



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