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Nicki Minaj – Barbie Dreams

Nicki Minaj Barbie Dreams Mp3 Download
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Nicki Minaj Barbie Dreams Mp3 Download

Nicki Minaj Barbie Dreams: The rollout to Nicki Minaj’s fourth studio Queen has not been too smooth, to say the least but as long as the music is good, that is all that matters. Off the album “Queen”, here is a track titled “Barbie Dreams”.

On Queen, the reigning monarch is her playful self. She teases innuendo and causal links to borderline relationships. In regards to Eminem, they tussle for a bit on “Majesty,” but barely long enough for a crowd to come sailing. Nicki even realizes a childhood dream by invoking Foxy Brown on the final measures. Foxy’s Broken Silence was a record that shaped the way she envisioned her career unfolding. If Nicki is Foxy’s Brown musical progeny, where does the line pass from here?

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