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Bobby Feeno – Gawd

Bobby Feeno Gawd
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Bobby Feeno Gawd

Athletes have been getting it done on the mic for a minute. From Shaq to Damian Lillard, the sportsman turned rapper has been a cultural fixture; even elite NHL hockey star Alex Ovechkin tried his hand at spitting a verse, albeit in Russian. This weekend, former Houston Texans player Arian Foster delivered his debut album Flamingo & Koval, which he named after the intersection where 2Pac was murdered. As it turns out, the thirty-year old NFL star proved formidable on the mic, with the project quickly garnering praise from our user base.

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While the album features a variety of conceptual and introspective cuts, one of the most overt bangers comes in the form of “Gawd.” With a sinister, creeping trap instrumental on deck, Foster (rapping as his alter ego Bobby Feeno) spits a confident, braggadocious flow with an experienced poise; don’t get it twisted though, he’s still dropping knowledge. This isn’t an attempt on following trends. This is a passion project through and through.

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