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Bali Baby – Introduction

Bali Baby Introduction
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Bali Baby Introduction

If you got into Bali Baby through her Bali’s Play mixtapes, her new project Baylor Swift may feel like a disorienting left turn. The album is glosser, more melodic, and decidedly pop-punk-influenced compared to her earlier work, but just one run through of the album will reveal plenty of the snarling Bali fans learned to love through her catchy rap tracks. The intro to the project does a good job of initiating fans to the colorful production of the project while still giving them the bold rap attitude Bali is known for. “Hah, switch it up! I’ma make you a believer,” she raps defiantly. “He don’t ever beat up, feel like I am Khalo Frida / She never think it through, because that bitch is full of eager / They hating on me, but they saying ‘Yes I wanna meet her!’.” By the time hooky single “Backseat” kicks in on track two, you’ll be all in.

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