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Azizi Gibson – 96 Bounce

Azizi Gibson 96 Bounce
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Azizi Gibson 96 Bounce

Azizi Gibson has adopted the persona of the Grim Reaper, employing Death as a fixture in his image and album art alike. In fact, his recent album was even titled Memoirs Of The Reaper; clearly, dude has a theme going. Now, the Reaper has returned with a new song called “96 Bounce,” which was produced by the duo of Millz Douglas & YG! Beats. The song lives up to its name with an 808-driven banger, which finds Gibson sliding through with a smooth, baritone melody.

“Ass don’t bounce like it used to,” remarks Gibson; one wonders what ass-bouncing memory was spawned during those formative years. The track never challenges, but it also does well not to overstay its welcome. Lyrically, we’re looking at a hedonistic banger, in which a lustful party proclaims his admiration for dat ass. Even if it doesn’t bounce like it used to.

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