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Health Insurance Costs

Health Insurance Costs

I am a self-employed, mid-twenty year old single.

In 2016 I had a health insurance through the Obama marketplace in the state of GA. I paid $300 per month for insurance. I went to the doctor 3 times that year. I had a few prescriptions at $15/ea given to me. Each time I went to the doctor there was a $45 co-pay. In 2016 I paid, a grand total of $3810 for healthcare.

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In 2017, my insurance was dropped from the marketplace altogether. I looked into signing up for a similar plan, but it did not have my doctor covered. The cheapest option offered to me that year with a incredibly high deductible and something that did not cover the cost of out-of-state healthcare was $600/month. That price was too high and I travel for work about 60% of the year, so the likelihood of me seeing a doctor in my state is low in case of an emergency. I decided to opt out. That year I went to get a check-up and another time to for a sinus infection. Seeing the doctor cost me 125/visit, and the antibiotic prescribed was $5 without insurance. I was worried that when filing taxes without health insurance in 2017 would cause me a huge penalty. However, when I filed my taxes (I made 60K that year), I said that I could not afford insurance and I was allow to bypass the penalty. In 2017 I paid, $255 for healthcare.

Maybe I was lucky.

In 2018, I have had the most expensive year yet. I have had to see a therapist and a psychiatrist on several occasions. I cut my thumb open cooking and had to receive stitches. I got a rock in my ear while on a work trip and had to get it surgically removed (this was not due to work, so therefore not covered by work). By the way, none of these listed services would have been covered by my insurance. Not only that, but I caught the flu, got a sinus infection, and started taking a daily medication. As 2018 comes to a close, I’ve paid a total of $1629 for healthcare.

Insurance sets the price of healthcare, not the doctor. So when an uninsured patient comes in they are able to set the price, and take the money for directly so the price will always be cheaper.

Uninsured is the way to go.

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